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January 4, 2014

Console killing PC alternative

PC Master Race – Why would you want a console?

 PC vs Console

Just exactly how much would it cost to build a PC with better performance and more features than a next-gen console?

We will use a standard set-up across all platforms, this is the console + one game + 12 month online membership.


Consoles PS4 (500GB)

Console PS4: £349.99

Online PS Plus 12 months: £39.00

Game Battlefield 4: £43.99

Total: £432.98 (Current price from


Xbox One (500GB)

Console Xbox One: £429.99

Online Xbox Live Gold 12 months: £34.99

Game Battlefield 4: £47.00

Total: [...]

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December 15, 2013

Steam Machine, Xbox One, PlayStation 4: top gaming device?

Steam Machine rises

With the recent release of the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4, the classic problem of which is best still arises. However, I propose that neither of these two are the best console at the moment, I suggest that the best console is the Steam Machine, although not currently released to the public, they have released a Steam OS and a guide for DIY steam machine, which you can run on any computer.

It’s been designed by Valve, famous for video games such as Half life, Portal and Left 4 Dead to name a few, but they are also famous for the online game store known as Steam. On Steam one can buy the latest and even some old video games and download them onto their [...]

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