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iPhone 6 Leaked!

iPhone 6 Leaked!

by userAugust 13, 2014

Bathe in the iPhone glory

iPhones were the first phones to be mass marketed with true multi-touch capacity displays and intuitive touchscreens without the need of styluses. They are one of Apples largest revenue generators and seem to be the most desired phone of our time, acting also as a portable music machine and a gaming device as well as being one of the few phones that are applicable with Apple’s iTunes, one of the largest online libraries there are expanding in Music, TV, film, books and games.

The phone is set to be shipping on the 19th September, almost a year after the previous one was released. More information confirming the phone will be released on the 9th September when it is officially unveiled. Some of this technology will also be used for the upcoming iPad.


The inside

People say “It’s what’s inside that counts”. That’s not always the case with smartphones, as you’ll see below. Inside, it will have an A8 chip featuring improved processing and graphics performance, meaning that it will be faster and will have a better display. This will be standard with Apple’s latest version of iOS: iOS 8.


The front

As has already been said on this website, the screen is most likely going to be made with quantum dots (what are they? Click on quantum dots to find out and the benefits of it). Moreover, it will also be fitted with anti-glare glass much like the latest Kindles. The screen will also be bigger at a 4.7″ retina display.

However, it was unclear whether they will be using Anti glare Sapphire (used for watches and glasses and not only stop glare but can also tint with it)  or Gorilla Glass (extra strong glass primarily used in phones including previous iPhones). We can now confirm that it will be made out of Anti Glare Sapphire and will be one of the strongest smartphones in the market.



The Back

In the picture shown, we can see that there is an empty hole where the Apple logo should be. Rumors speculate that this is because there will be an Apple logo that will light up with your phone there and that it’s waiting to be released on September the 9th. However, one must ask, Do we need a light up symbol where no one can see? Possibly, if it alerts you when you’ve received a call or text message and its on its front. It is also rumored that there will be a microphone in place to aid with noise cancelling.

Furthermore, it ill be made out of aluminum, trying to get more of the sophisticated look rather than fun and futuristic like it does now. Moreover, you can clearly see an extended camera at the back. This makes us think that the phones even thinner or the camera is even greater. Either way, Apple have probably done it again.

pictured of the back of the new iPhone

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